As an opening Edit

The most common use of a 2 opening is a weak two bid, with a strong preempting power. Common requirements are 5-11 HCPs, a good 6-card suit and little defensive power (i.e. without side aces or voids).

Alternatively, it may be a strong, forcing, natural opening (strong two bid), requiring at least a 6-card suit and at most 1.5 tricks short of game.

As a response Edit

As an overcall Edit

If the overcall is a non-jump bid, it is a simple suit overcall, indicating about 12-16 HCPs and a good 5-card suit. If the overcall is a jump bid, it is usually a weak jump overcall, having the same meaning as the opening bid.

If the overcall is done over 1, it is a cue-bid, commonly Michaels, specifying at least 5-5 in s and a minor.



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