As an opening Edit

As a response Edit

As a response to a 1 opening Edit

  • 2 is a jump shift, which can be played either weak or strong.

As a response to a 1 opening Edit

  • If inverted minor raises are in play, then 2 is a strong fit-showing raise, showing 11+ points and most likely denying a four-card major.
  • In natural bidding, a single minor raise denies a four-card major and confirms a minimum fit with 6-10 points.

As a response to a major suit opening Edit

  • This non-jump bid is 2/1. It denies any intervening four-card major and typically shows a four-card suit with 10+ points.

As a response to 1NT opening Edit

As a response to 2 opening Edit

  • 2 is typically either a negative response (0-8 points) or a waiting response.

As an overcall Edit

  • Directly over a natural 1, 2 is weak (not so if balancing)
  • Over 1, it's typically Michaels.
  • Over 1/, 2 is a natural overcall.
  • Over 1NT, there are many possible meanings associated with 2.


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