2 is a very common conventional bid.

As an opening Edit

  • 2♣ openings are typically strong and artificial, showing 22+ points (balanced), or in the neighborhood of 19+ points for distributional hands.
  • If Strong two bids are played, then 2 is a strong natural opening. This treatment has become mostly obsolete.

As a response Edit

  • After a 1 opening, 2 is normally a single raise, showing a 8-card fit, 6-10 points and no biddable majors. However, with inverted minor raises, the 2 response shows at least invitational values and is forcing for one round.
  • After a suit opening other than 1, 2 is a response showing invitational values and 4+ s (Two over one).
  • After a 1NT opening, 2 is Stayman, asking for a 4-card major, or showing invitational values.

As an overcall Edit

  • A 2 overcall usually shows about 11-16 HCPs and 5+ good s (usually 6).


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