Transfer bids are conventions in which one player makes an artificial bid to tell his partner to open a suit. This has the advantage that the stronger hand will be declarer and therefore the high cards will be concealed. This is particularly useful for protecting tenaces held by one partner.

The following are examples of transfer bids:

Responses Edit

  • Accept: This is the typical response to any transfer bid, usually the next cheapest bid available.
  • Bypass: Some partnerships allow the transfer to be bypassed (or super-accepted) for various reasons. Typically this requires a maximum hand (given previous bidding) and a good fit in the transfer bidder's suit. Sometimes the bypass involves bidding a suit other than the expected one. If there are multiple such options, it may show a control or a splinter.
  • Denial: Some allow denying the transfer in the case of no fit. After such a bid, the transfer bidder can often re-transfer by making the bid directly below the desired suit to show longer suit.

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