The term suit opening is used to describe a one-level natural opening in a suit, i.e. natural 1, 1, 1, 1 openings. As there are many different treatments afterwards, here lists some of the common ones.

Summary Edit

Responses to Major suit opening Edit

Common responses to an opening of 1 or 1
0-5 6-10 11-12 13+
fit: 8-card fit single raise 2 limit raise 3 game, 1/1, or 2/1
9-card fit 2NT or splinter
10-card fit game (preemptive)
non-fit: new suit
(4+ cards)
Weak jump shift
(6+ cards)
1/1 (1-1)
1NT 2/1 (non-jump 2, 2, or 2)

Responses to Minor suit opening Edit

Responses to an opening of 1 or 1
2-6 6-10 11+
new suit
(4+ cards)
jump shift 1/1 (1//)
1NT 2/1 (1-2, denies majors)
4-card support single raise 3 limit raise 2

Treatments Edit

There are several different treatments to responding to suit openings.

Common treatments and conventions Edit

Somewhat common treatments and conventions Edit

Other notable treatments and conventions Edit

Fit Responses to 1 of a Major Edit

Partner has promised 13-22 points and a 5-card major.

  • With 3+ card support and 6-10 points, bid 2 of the major (constructive raise).
  • With 3+ card support and 11-12 points, bid 3 of the major (limit raise).
  • With exactly 3 card support and 13+ points, bid game in the major or show a new suit.
  • With 4+ card support, 13+ points, and a singleton, bid a double jump shift in the singleton suit. This bid is alertable.
  • With 4+ card support, 13+ points, and a balanced hand, bid 2NT. This bid is alertable.

Fit Responses to 1 of a Minor Edit

Partner has promised 13-22 points and at least a 3-card suit. However, opener typically (93% of the time) has at least a 4-card suit, so only 4 cards are required to raise. However, with a 4-card major suit, it is typically better to sow the major instead.

New Suit Responses Edit

New suit responses are identical regardless of the opening suit.

Notrump responses Edit

  • With 6-10 points and no eligible raise or new suit to bid, bid 1NT.
  • The original meaning of 2NT response was 13-15 HCPs and a balanced hand, and was game forcing. But nowadays, many play it as invitational.
  • The original meaning of 3NT response was 16-18 HCPs, but with 2NT assigned to a different meaning, the range played nowadays is commonly much wider, as a sign off.

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