A responsive double is an artificial double when LHO opened the bidding, partner overcalled at or below 3, and RHO raised. The last doubles in the following sequences are responsive doubles.

A responsive double shows a hand with length in all unbid suits (similar to a takeout double) but not enough strength to make a cue-bid.

This is the classic responsive double:

South West North East
1 X 2 X

It shows a 3-suited hand short in s, but not strong enough to cuebid at 3.

This is usually a responsive double;

South West North East
1 1 2 X

It shows a 2-suited hand with both minors, but not strong enough to bid 3.

The following two may or may not be a responsive double, depending on the agreements:

South West North East
1 X 1 X
South West North East
1 1 1 X

penalty double - takeout double - negative double - responsive double
support double - maximal double - Lightner double - lead-directing double
optional double

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