Precision is a strong club system which uses 1 to open all strong hands (16+ HCPs), except hands that can be opened with a natural 2NT opening.

Openings Edit

Precision pass Edit

A variant of the precision system is to open all hands above 8 HCPs, and invert the meaning of pass and 1[1]:

  • /: 8-14 unbalanced or balanced hand outside the range of 1NT;
  • 1: 16+ balanced or 15+ unbalanced;
  • 1: 0-7, any shape (fert);
  • 1/1: 8-14, 5+ s/s;
  • 1NT: 9-12 NV, balanced, no 4-4 majors; 13-15 V, balanced, no 5-card majors;
  • 2: 8-11 with 4-4 majors or 19-20 balanced;
  • 2: 5-9, two five-card suits but not both minors;
  • 2/2: weak two bids;
  • 2NT: 5-9, both minors (unusual 2NT);

Auction after the strong 1 opening Edit


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