As an opening Edit

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As an opening, 1NT promises a balanced hand and a range of normally not more than 3 HCPs. It is a limit bid.

As a response Edit

A response of 1NT to partner's suit opening limits the responder's hand to 6-9 points and denies holding any biddable four-card major. However, in 2/1 game forcing, the range becomes 6-11 points and it is forcing for one round.

As opener's rebid Edit

Opener's rebid of 1NT shows a balanced hand with a strength outside of 1NT opening. If the 1NT opening is weak, the rebid is strong, vice versa.

As an overcall Edit

A direct overcall of 1NT is usually equivalent in meaning to a 1NT opening, showing a balanced hand in a specified range.

A balancing overcall of 1NT shows a lower and wider range of balanced hands (usually 10-15 HCPs).



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