As an opening Edit

  • 1 opening in five-card major systems typically shows a four-card or better suit. Rarely (only with 4=4=3=2 shape) is it only three cards. Typically with 4-4 minors, one opens 1.
  • In four-card major systems, a 1 opening promises 4 s.
  • In a strong club system, 1 is usually the catch-all opening for all opening hands that don't have another opening bid available.
  • In a strong diamond system, 1 is the strong, artificial and forcing opening, typically promises 16+ HCPs and nothing about the shape.

As a response Edit

  • A 1 response to a natural 1 opening promises at least 4 s.
  • In a strong club system, a 1 response to a strong 1 opening is negative, about 0-7 HCPs.

As an overcall Edit

  • A 1 overcall normally promises 5+ good s (occationally 4 very good s) and about 8-16 HCPs.


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