A lead-directing double is a double of an artificial bid by opponents. Because the bid is artificial, it is typically safe to double. This bid asks partner to lead the doubled suit. For example,

South West North East
1NT - 2 X
2 - 4 -
- -

North's 2 is Stayman and therefore artificial. So East, anticipating his partner will be on lead, asked for a club lead.

South West North East
1 - 4 -
4NT - 5 X
6 - - -

North's 4 is a fit-showing splinter raise, at which point South bid 4NT Blackwood. When North responds 5 showing two aces, East doubles to ask for the heart lead. This may be done, for example, when East is void in hearts.


penalty double - takeout double - negative double - responsive double
support double - maximal double - Lightner double - lead-directing double
optional double

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