Kokish relay is the sequence 2-2-2-2. If this convention is on, a 2 rebid by opener after a strong 2 opening shows either s or a big balanced hand (25+ HCPs). Responder must then relay to 2. If opener then bids 2NT, it shows a big balanced hand. Otherwise, it shows s.

Motivation Edit

The traditional way of showing a big balanced hand (25+) is to open 3NT directly. However, as these hands are rare, it has been replaced by the sequence 2 - 2x - 3NT. Both sequence eat up a lot of bidding space so a responder with a weak hand is difficult to respond. This convention saves a level of the bidding space.

Extension Edit

Kokish relay can be applied to other sequences starting with a strong artificial opening and a negative response, e.g.

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