Dummy reversal is a kind of play which involves ruffing in declarer's hand such that the trump length in declarer is eventually shorter than dummy, then using dummy's hand to draw trumps.

For example, the contract is 4, dummy holds:



declarer holds:



There are only 8 top tricks available. To make the contract, 2 more tricks must come from ruffing.

The so-called "normal" line of play is to try to ruff 1 and 1 in dummy, but once the defenders realise the situation after the declarer losing the necessary tricks (a or a ), they will start drawing trumps themselves, defeating the contract.

However, by performing a dummy reversal, once the declarer gets to his hand, he goes to the dummy to win the ace, ruffing a in the hand, and goes to the dummy again using a and ruff a again, and goes to the dummy using a and ruff a again, then returns to the dummy using a trump, and ruff the last . The trumps are then drawn, getting two more tricks and the contract is completed, no matter how the trump breaks.

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