There are more specific guidelines for some kind of articles:

Article names Edit

Names should be the original form of the word (no matter a noun, a verb or an adjective), and all subsequent words after the first should be lower case unless proper names. Avoid redirects by smashing plurals and other added letters after the link, as in [[Negative double]]s. There may be alternate spelling or terms, they should be added as redirects without categories.

Different Opinions Edit

There is no one correct way to bid. One purpose of this wiki is to document each common system/convention, including all the common variations of each. Some time will be needed to see how this will pan out. Disambiguation pages should allow all the different treatments of a convention to coexist. Articles classified by system should be put as a sub-article of the system (i.e. with a slash). When differences are minor (i.e. Blackwood) we can have a single page and simply mention the variations in it.

Categories Edit

All articles and categories (except Category:Main) should belong to at least one category. Additionally, it should be avoided to have the same article in both a category and its supercategory (i.e. both "Systems" and "Standard American Yellow Card"). To add an article to a category, add a link [[Category:Category name]] to the end of the page. Category links may contain a sorting key, such as the article One over one having the category [[Category:Suit auctions|1 over 1]] so that it is sorted with the numbers, rather than under 'O'. All articles with written-out numbers should be sorted numerically.

A redirect should not be put in a category.

Templates Edit

See Help:Templates for useful templates.

Stubs Edit

The templates {{Stub}} and {{Interference wanted}} are available for use in stubs.

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