This convention is alertable.

Brozel is a system of defence to 1NT opening.

  • X: one-suited hand with at least 6 cards in the long suit, puppet to 2;
    • partner is allowed to pass with side suits adequately stopped.
  • 2/2: s and the named minor;
  • 2: both majors;
  • 2: s and a minor;
    • 2NT: asks for minor
  • 2NT: both minors;
  • 3 of a suit: three-suited, with shortness in the named suit.

The two-suited bids are non-forcing. After making a two or three-suited bid, overcaller would generally pass after a correct.

To show a strong hand, make a double then a jump, regardless of the shape, since a two-suited bid can be passed and a three-suited bid would take the auction to the 4-level.

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