In the auction, players make calls in turn. A call which includes a level and a denomination (, , , , NT) is called a bid. The last bid of the auction, along with any double or redouble after, becomes the final contract. The level is an integer from 1 to 7, which specifies the number of trick needed above the book (first 6). Therefore, a 1-level bid requires 7 tricks while a 7-level bid requires all 13 tricks. The denomination specifies the trump suit, or no trump.

Order of bidsEdit

A bid can be made if and only if the previous bid is lower, or no bid has been made at all. A bid is higher than another if and only if either:

  • The level is higher
  • The level is the same, and when the denomination is higher (The order from low to high is , , , , NT)

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